Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Taco Hell!!!

Now everyone knows there are certain restaurants I refuse to eat at like:
Hairy Panda (Panda Express)
Mcurinate (McDonalds)
Let me set the scene for you:
As we walk into the restaurant, it smells like a dirty poopy toilet. So I am already gagging trying not to breath in the air, afraid that I might get something. We ordered our food, and I noticed there where about 5-6 people working. Which was odd since it was not busy at all. Lucas has to be to school by 6:00pm we where there about 5:20. Well we got our food by about 5:45(still puzzled with all those people why we got our food so late, it didn't help that lucas was pacing). To top it all off the diet pepsi didn't work. Lucas eats his food in 2 minutes kisses me and says goodbye. So now I am stuck finishing my nasty burrito in a toilet smelling restaurant by myself. Before he left he put water in his cup and gave it to me (because I didn't get a drink). Well that water tasted like the sewer, I almost threw up in my mouth. I am thinking that is close to what hell feels like. I will never ever eat at another taco bell again. I can't seem to brush my teeth enough I still can taste the sewer, the parasites are probably stuck between my teeth.
*If you have any horrible eating out experiences please share, I would love to hear them...
(Posted by Shellie)

Monday, February 25, 2008

Easter Sunday Barbeque/Pot Luck

The Barbque on Easter Sunday seems to be set at 4:00 pm, but is that good for everyone. Family that come down from Salt Lake have to leave before this to make it home at a decent hour to start work Monday morning. We should vote and comment for a better time that is good for all. - Logan

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Pray for Michael

Uncle Michael has been diagnosed with Prostate cancer. Friday he meets with doctors to choose one of three options to fight it. We all need to remember him in our prayers.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I've been working

I know Anisa told every one to update their blogs often, so I did. I've put more information on the rafting blog, not in the form of posts, but in the form of page elements at the bottom and sides. I would like everyone who wants to go there and find all the errors in them (I'm sure that there are some because Sydney didn't proof read it for me) and tell me about them in an email so I can fix them. Thank you - Logan

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Lets make a bet?

Lucas thinks this will get me to play X-box with him, will see... *Posted by Shellie

Libby, Humor Us!

There's been lots of talk and speculation about just how much you were going to spend on the round brush from the name brand store. We have yet to get a response from you. So will you please humor us and tell us?

This one for example was $80.00

Thank you we love you

Also, let's see some of those famed nudie pictures, I'm sure they're already all over myspace. Lucas says he doesn't want to see them, but really that would go in the 5 things people don't know about him.

Friday, February 15, 2008


I tag Tanner and Jenny.
Go to my blog (or pretty much anyone else's) to see the rules!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

You've Been Tagged!

Anisa, Libby, Sydney, Jessie, Summer!
Go to my blog and see the rules!
Have fun with it.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Hairy Men!

Sydney made a comment about Tom Selleck being too hairy. Well I have a story for you: When I met Lucas he was very vain. He thought his chest was too hairy. Well I loved it, and told him I didn't want him too change it. He got this bright idea that he would nair his chest (thought it would be easy and painless). So we bought it brought it home and I was helping him. Needless to say it stung and he burned his nipples, he said he would never try that again. I am glade, I love his hairyness.

Check This Out!!!

I have to say that those men may be attractive, but not like this!!! Check out Logan last Spring Break, now this is a Hottie with a Naughty Body!!!!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Good Ole Boys!!

My stars can beat your stars anyday!!! Tom Selleck
Robert Redford
Peter Brown
*Posted by Debbie

Hotties W/ Naughty Bodies!!!

In honor of Klint who posted about the hottest ladies.
Who is the Hottie w/ a naughty body?
Men it is ok to vote because you can have a "Man Crush", doesn't mean anything, or does it?
Hunky Brad Pitt

Sexy Eric Bana (He is so Hot)
Hottie Matthew Mchonahay
*A Post by Shellie

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Some Super Bowl pics.

Here are some more pictures from the awesome super bowl party that Cash and Libby threw. I hope you all enjoy these pictures. Just to let whoever brought those cupcakes know, they totally made everything turn blue, (and it didn't just go in blue). I love Cash's awesome hat, he looks so cool. We also had a nice snowstorm hit during the game. Plus we had a lot of great food. I want to do it again soon.


Monday, February 4, 2008

Super Bowl Party Review

First off, Tanner you never showed up - we were all pretty bummed about that! Second, Congrats Melanie - we heard you won big. Third, thanks everyone (Especially Aunt Debbie) who showed up to watch the New York Giants win, and win good! I hope you all had an enjoyable time and had plenty of food to eat! I added the pictures to my blog over on the side under "Libby's Pictures" it's pretty easy to find. Feel free to make copies for yourself. Again, so glad all of you made it that could make it. Wish everyone in the family could've been there.


Friday, February 1, 2008

Those Crazy Books

Girls that I love, I just want you to know there is no male creature that has that kind of self control and devotion for a woman in this universe or any other, especially a spoiled self-centerd teenage little girl like her. But I will read the next one.
Love Debbie
P/S - How is Edward going to make love when he is as cold as ice?

Let's Commit Today to Love One Another...

Logan, don't let Satan overtake you when creating a blog!!! Can't we all get along - think of Granny and Papa, they would not want us to fight like this. I would say I would not post, but I don't want you to get the best of me!!! Besides, posting has become a favorite past time of mine!!!

I want to point out that I have never said a bad thing (that I know of...and If I have, I'm sorry) on anyones blogs, and I feel like I only say nice things. Blogs are to complement others not bring them down. This also goes for you Jessie, since I'm going to let everyone know how I feel.

Let us all (MY SELF INCLUDED) commit today to be kind to one another - especially on the bloggs. Be that Angel when typing comments or posting blogs.

P.S. - I'm sure that we can find another blog making fun of this on Logans blog in a few days. So stay tuned?!?!

Still Blogging

Hay everyone, there is still going to be posts on the Three Blakes Blog, only they will be cooler now, because they will be posted by Me.


Office- starting to win me over!

I know that everyone in this family (except my mom) and everyone in the world loves the office. However, I have only caught a few glimpses here and there in my lifetime. However, Logan and Sydney have made me watch quite a few when they have the new DVD's down at mom's so I'm starting to get a feeling for all of the personalities of the characters. And now that I have DVR and can record and watch the shows regularly, I'm actually starting to laugh at them. It's hard not to laugh when you watch a show with Ryan (for any of you who have not enjoyed that experience, I'm sorry for you. My sweet Ryan giggles through all shows and it makes them much more enjoyable that way). So, here's to the Office! As Brenner will say, "That's Logan and Sydney's favorite show." And consequently because of that, he doesn't complain when we watch it!