Friday, February 1, 2008

Office- starting to win me over!

I know that everyone in this family (except my mom) and everyone in the world loves the office. However, I have only caught a few glimpses here and there in my lifetime. However, Logan and Sydney have made me watch quite a few when they have the new DVD's down at mom's so I'm starting to get a feeling for all of the personalities of the characters. And now that I have DVR and can record and watch the shows regularly, I'm actually starting to laugh at them. It's hard not to laugh when you watch a show with Ryan (for any of you who have not enjoyed that experience, I'm sorry for you. My sweet Ryan giggles through all shows and it makes them much more enjoyable that way). So, here's to the Office! As Brenner will say, "That's Logan and Sydney's favorite show." And consequently because of that, he doesn't complain when we watch it!


Lucashell said...

Sweet Sweet Ryan.


- said...

oh sweet Ryan


Liberty Williams said...

Yes it is a great show, but I don't know if it will ever be on again because of this stupid writers strike. Enjoy them why you can! Don't you just love the Jim and Pam relationship - so cute. Actually Kelly and Ryan are fun to watch too!

- said...

I don't like Ryan at all (not my Ryan). He reminds me of an old college boyfriend- especially with his beard. I love Pam and Jim. Jim is my favorite character.