Thursday, February 7, 2008

Some Super Bowl pics.

Here are some more pictures from the awesome super bowl party that Cash and Libby threw. I hope you all enjoy these pictures. Just to let whoever brought those cupcakes know, they totally made everything turn blue, (and it didn't just go in blue). I love Cash's awesome hat, he looks so cool. We also had a nice snowstorm hit during the game. Plus we had a lot of great food. I want to do it again soon.



Lucashell said...

Me and Lucas brought them.

Me & My BOYS said...

Joren and Brenner had blue cotton candy ice cream the other day. Joren's butt was stained blue from sitting on his poo for only a few minutes!

Liberty Williams said...

Jessie, you forgot to mention your drive home that night...did you get some luv'n?

Sydney & Logan said...

Summer warned you what would happen if you ate too much blue dye!

Jessica Williams said...

I know, I kind of expected it, but they were yummy cupcakes. The ride home was good, I guess, but no I didn't get any lovin', which I'm sure Klint hoped for. For those who don't know I rode home with Adam Oviatt, who Klint wants me to hook up with! We're just friends.