Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Libby and FLO!

The progressive lady "FLO" reminds me of Libby!!
Posted by shellie!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Peyton Made it Home

Little itty bitty Peyton made it home last Thursday, and has been doing great! I even got to finally hold her. She's so tiny and precious. The York's can have visitors, but they just ask that if you are sick with any kind of illness then please don't come over until you are all better. I have a slight sore throat coming on, so that means I'm not allowed over. Bummer. Also, Summer can't leave her house unless she is going to the doctor for six months, SIX months. I'm sure she would love some phone calls because I can imagine she's going to go stir crazy!!!

One last thing...You know how I like to talk about poop - keep Peyton in your prayers that she has a BM - bowel movement. That's what Summer has asked me to pray for.

As for big brother Trace, he is finally warming up to her, and as far as I know has only hit her once the day they brought her home. Guess that's a jealous older brother for ya! ;)
This is Peyton saying, "Libby. No more pictures please."