Monday, February 4, 2008

Super Bowl Party Review

First off, Tanner you never showed up - we were all pretty bummed about that! Second, Congrats Melanie - we heard you won big. Third, thanks everyone (Especially Aunt Debbie) who showed up to watch the New York Giants win, and win good! I hope you all had an enjoyable time and had plenty of food to eat! I added the pictures to my blog over on the side under "Libby's Pictures" it's pretty easy to find. Feel free to make copies for yourself. Again, so glad all of you made it that could make it. Wish everyone in the family could've been there.



Me & My BOYS said...

We feel so bad that we didn't get to drive home in the snow... we're glad you had fun!

Lucashell said...

I am so glade we could see all of you...Olive Garden was a blast, thanks for letting me boss you around to put a dinner together-Klint is one of the funniest guys I have ever met.

Sydney & Logan said...

Cash and Libby sure know how to throw a party. We had a blast, and I don't think I'll be hungry again 'til next weekend!