Saturday, February 9, 2008

Hairy Men!

Sydney made a comment about Tom Selleck being too hairy. Well I have a story for you: When I met Lucas he was very vain. He thought his chest was too hairy. Well I loved it, and told him I didn't want him too change it. He got this bright idea that he would nair his chest (thought it would be easy and painless). So we bought it brought it home and I was helping him. Needless to say it stung and he burned his nipples, he said he would never try that again. I am glade, I love his hairyness.


Sydney & Logan said...

Logan is hairy, but not TOO HAIRY! When you look like you are wearing a sweater, and you're not, you have a problem. Now because I said that, Logan will probably become unnaturally hairy.

Sydney & Logan said...

Thanks Sydney, I love you too. - Logan

Me & My BOYS said...

Does nair work on backs? I don't care if it hurts.

Lucashell said...

Who has a hairy back? You or Ryan? Lucas says it only hurts on nipples.

Sydney & Logan said...

Logan and I tried to Nair my legs last summer and they totally broke out in hives.