Monday, August 24, 2009

Pray for Summer and their Baby

Summer was rushed in ambulance from the Cedar City Hospital last night around midnight to St. George's Hospital. She's had really high blood pressure and has been monitored the last two weeks, but as of last night her blood pressure was extremely high. The baby still hasn't developed fully for her to give birth, so they are keeping her in the hospital until the lungs of her baby have developed. After they are developed they can have her give birth, however the baby will be a preemie.

I hope we can use this blog as a way to put the prayers out there for her and the baby. She will be in St. George, as of now a couple of weeks, and I'm sure she would love visitors. Please pray for her and the rest of our extended family.

Also, Summer does have her cell phone, and you can reach her on that.

Monday, August 3, 2009

A 2nd Opinion

I took mom to her doctor today up here at the Utah Cancer Specialists. It was a lengthy appt with a lot of sitting around, but after looking at all of her paperwork from her previous doctor, he said...... let's have you take a break from chemo! I think that was just what she wanted to hear. He said that the chemo she has been doing worked quite well and has stopped the growth of cancer, but at this point it can't do much more for her. He wants her to take a break, go in for monthly testing and as soon as the blood tests show the cancer growing again, he is going to put her on an ORAL form of medication called Tarceva, that she only has to take once a day. It won't make her as sick or as tired and the only side effect is a rash similar to acne (which can be treated with creams). This oral medicine can give her up to four more years of life (that's the bummer part, but we already knew this cancer wasn't curable).

So, let's wish her a speedy recovery and a long time of being able to do what she wants before this cancer starts coming back!!! And KEEP PRAYING FOR HER!!!!