Saturday, February 16, 2008

Libby, Humor Us!

There's been lots of talk and speculation about just how much you were going to spend on the round brush from the name brand store. We have yet to get a response from you. So will you please humor us and tell us?

This one for example was $80.00

Thank you we love you

Also, let's see some of those famed nudie pictures, I'm sure they're already all over myspace. Lucas says he doesn't want to see them, but really that would go in the 5 things people don't know about him.


Lucashell said...

Libby please tell us the suspense is killing me... How much did you spend?

Liberty Williams said...

Okay, okay. Here are the prices of my favorite new brush. Regular price at the name brand beauty supply store is about 40.00, sometimes if they are having a sale it's 35.00. Now if you are a beautican you can get the brush for about 20.00. I bought mine online at Amazon for 24.00 and there was no shipping because Cash ordered Dr. Quinn and our order was over 100.00 so we got free shipping. Also I want to point out that this brush is very special because of the size and the bristles on it. The bristles make your hair feel and look silky smooth. The size gives it that body that i was talking about. And girls, I think after a few tries you would have the act of round brushing down to a science.
There you have it.

Paddle Oar Die Rafting said...

Thank you. - Logan

Me & My BOYS said...

I don't care what you say, I will never be able to figure out how to round brush. I just don't have what it takes or the patience to learn. Ask Shellie about trying to teach me how to crochet. I tried for like 2 hours and only got 1 inch.