Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Taco Hell!!!

Now everyone knows there are certain restaurants I refuse to eat at like:
Hairy Panda (Panda Express)
Mcurinate (McDonalds)
Let me set the scene for you:
As we walk into the restaurant, it smells like a dirty poopy toilet. So I am already gagging trying not to breath in the air, afraid that I might get something. We ordered our food, and I noticed there where about 5-6 people working. Which was odd since it was not busy at all. Lucas has to be to school by 6:00pm we where there about 5:20. Well we got our food by about 5:45(still puzzled with all those people why we got our food so late, it didn't help that lucas was pacing). To top it all off the diet pepsi didn't work. Lucas eats his food in 2 minutes kisses me and says goodbye. So now I am stuck finishing my nasty burrito in a toilet smelling restaurant by myself. Before he left he put water in his cup and gave it to me (because I didn't get a drink). Well that water tasted like the sewer, I almost threw up in my mouth. I am thinking that is close to what hell feels like. I will never ever eat at another taco bell again. I can't seem to brush my teeth enough I still can taste the sewer, the parasites are probably stuck between my teeth.
*If you have any horrible eating out experiences please share, I would love to hear them...
(Posted by Shellie)


Sydney & Logan said...

Sometimes Taco Bell is yummy. The one in richfield is really clean and that is my favorite one. THe Cedar one is nasty.

Ron & Debbie said...

I like the Taco Bell on sunset Blvd, but I only buy chalupas. There were proabably teenagers working that night and didn't have decent adult supervision.

Sydney & Logan said...

So I went to Taco Bell yesterday for lunch, even though I hate the Cedar one. I ordered a chalupa because Debbie's comment made me want one. They told me my total was like a buck something. When I got home they had charged me four something and given me some nappy burrito that I choked down because I had paid a fortune for it. Down with Taco Hell!