Friday, February 1, 2008

Those Crazy Books

Girls that I love, I just want you to know there is no male creature that has that kind of self control and devotion for a woman in this universe or any other, especially a spoiled self-centerd teenage little girl like her. But I will read the next one.
Love Debbie
P/S - How is Edward going to make love when he is as cold as ice?


Liberty Williams said...

Can vampires have babies/what happens when a woman is pregnant and gets changed?
No. A vampire's only bodily fluid is its venom, and it creates spit/eye juice to keep things lubricated and working properly. Also, when a vampire is changed, they stay the same way forever. Frozen. If a woman is pregnant, she will remain pregnant forever. This also explains Alice's hair. It was short from being in an asylum and it was just growing out when she was changed. If you have long hair, and you are changed then you cut that hair, it will not grow back.

The baby discussed above dies inside the woman who is turned, it doesn't stay alive.

Aunt Debbie I am so proud of you for reading them! You go girl. Summer just started and I'm just waiting to hear what she has to say!!! Libby

Sydney & Logan said...

Yes, but Libby, how does a man with out blood in his system get an erection? -Logan

Liberty Williams said...

I'm going to say that the venom in a vampire will work as "blood" to make the erection. I don't know, who am i kidding??? That is not something I really have thought about, but thanks for pointing that out.

If Bella and Edward were to have sex, would any minor cuts cause the venom to seep in, thus changing her? Do vampires ejaculate?

We do not know the full mechanics of sex, but Stephenie Meyers (the author) has simply said that everything is more intense as a vampire. This is one of the reasons Edward and Bella will not have sex until later. He is afraid of losing control and crushing her.