Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Remembered

Remember a few years back when we celebrated Thanksgiving in Kanarraville?  Well, since I have moved I have been cleaning out and throwing away stuff.  Upon my throwing away of stuff I came across some cards with things that we all were grateful for (a few years back).

Uncle Michael:  Grateful for Health, and being retired.
Aunt Rosalie:  Grateful for Bubba (may he rest in peace), and a job.
Klint:  I'm thankful for my Zeiss binoculars, spending time in the woods with loved ones, and boobinunch????
Summer:  I am thankful for vehicles, binkies, soap, for family, church and the love it shows!  For having a companion that loves me unconditionally and for a wonderful extended family.
Thayne:  I am grateful for my Country, my religion, and a loving Heavenly Father and his Plan for Happiness, and Family!  I am also grateful for a Mother who keeps you in check like when she broke the broom over my butt at Granny's.
Jenny:  I'm grateful for good health, and cold milk and cereal.
Uncle Chesley:  Thankful for David Ence and TV.
Uncle Ron:  I'm grateful for river trips with my family each summer, and for a wife who makes my home crafty and beautiful.
Aunt Debbie:  I'm thankful for toilet paper, and for my ancestors and what they had to sacrifice to join the church.
Josh:  I'm thankful for brunettes from Sacramento, rivers, fish, and spending "one on one" time with Papa growing up.
Melanie:  I'm so grateful for the opportunity to be a mother, my children are my heart.  Also, for Colorado River Guides with very little hair and huge hearts!!!
Tisha:  I'm grateful for my cellphone, music, family, friends, and my boyfriend Taylor.
Corbin:  Thankful for the holidays, and the hospital.
Tanner:  I'm thankful for Will Ferrell, and shelter.
Ryan:  I am grateful for living in a free country, to do as we please.
Anisa:  I am thankful I don't have to work and can stay home with my kids, and for child proof locks.
Lucas:  I am thankful for my new sweet ride, and for my family.
Shellie:  I am thankful for Cash not stealing my clothes anymore, and for being so blessed and have everything I want.
Logan:  I'm grateful for Libby's bad hair at Flint's baptism, and for the seasons because variety is the spice of life.
Sydney:  (Possibly Logan wrote this first part) I'm grateful for Man vs. Wild, because if I ever find my self lost in the African Savanna (and I might) I know I can drink the juice from elephant poop and stay alive.  AND, if I had one I'd be grateful for a washing machine.
Uncle Heff:  I'm grateful for Family and guns.
Aunt Ellen:  I am thankful to be living in this day and age, and bathrooms.
Roberta:  Grateful for the gospel, and to live in the good o'l USA.
Libby:  I'm thankful for many wonderful summers sitting in the swings drinking homemade root-beer and hanging with a wonderful family.  Also thankful for all the travels I've able to do - Hawaii baby here I come.
Cash:  I'm thankful for the air that we breath, and for working.
Jessica:  I'm grateful for Libby's pecan pie, Dr. Pepper, Jane Austen novels, and LOTR (Lord of the Rings).  Also grateful that I am able to go to college and continue my education.
Flint:  I'm grateful to live in a home and for having such a crazy sister (it's great).

I know times have changed, life isn't going the way we want it to, but I hope that we can take some time this Thanksgiving holiday to remember how truly blessed we are.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Scary as Hell.... There no other way to say it...

Thought I would post on the family blog since I never do...
Don't let his adorable little face FOOL you!!!!! He is my devil baby....
This kid is going to be the death of me!!! Maybe at the very least, I will need some serious therapy if stuff like this keeps happening. Seems like since he was born he has been scaring the crap out of me..
I got home from work this morning and Lucas had gone in. I was alone and sleep deprived cause I just got off an 8 hour overnight shift. I decided to lay in my room while Legacy was still asleep in our bed. West was wide awake and was crawling on the floor in my room, when I heard him chocking.... I jumped up and ran over I checked his mouth but couldn't see anything. But he kept chocking and was getting worse to the point where he stopped breathing. At this point I had no idea what to do I was screaming as I was watching West start to turn blue. I was about to Dial 911 when I laid him over my knee and pounded on his back. When I looked in his mouth again I saw the edge (of whats in the picture above). I took my finger and dug it out. When I got it out I started bawling and shaking. West caught his breath and started screaming bloody murder as he was coughing up a little bit of blood. This scared me to my core, I was shaking for along time after this. As I held West in my arms crying and he was crying my sweet little girl came and put her arm around me and said "don't cry mommy west is ok now". She is the sweetest little thing ever. Then she said "Mommy you need to change your shirt it has blood on it and its freaking me out"... After watching him like a hawk all day long he seems normal. And yes I know he won't remember this but I won't EVER forget it...
I am not sure how he got this in his mouth since it was holding down wires. But we have now pulled them up and thrown them all away.