Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Camera

Let me tell you a story about my camera. Spring break 07 in Florida I decided I needed a camera. we find a Best Buy they have this sweet camera on display that's waterproof I think how awesome a waterproof digital camera that's the one I want.

The camera has been great it has surived the swiming on the beaches of Florida, the snorkling in the reefs of the keys, multiple rafting trips on the wild rivers of Utah, and Sydney's fish bowl. But a blow up above the ground pool in Monroe, Utah was it's undoing. When I placed it in the water and saw bubbles rise from the lens cover I knew something had gone wrong. It wouldn't turn on and there was water in with the battery. We let it dry out and it would turn on but the pictures were cloudy.

To make a long Libby story short we took it to Best Buy and luckly I had the reciept, because they couldn't find record of my warranty on thier system. They sent my camera away and i hope it gets replaced by the 9th of this month. Moral of the story: warranties are good if you're going to use the product in hazardous places like Kristy's pool. -Logan


Lucashell said...

we have a black shadow dot on our camera that won't go away. But unlike you we did not purchase the extended warranty... Oh well we won't be getting a new camera for a long time... So this will just have to do.. That is cool you will hopefully get a new camera. They are really cool.

Jessie said...

You are very lucky. Thanks for not making your story as long as Libby. Libby is very entertaining but sometimes she just babbles and her stories get boring!