Wednesday, July 23, 2008

This little Girl is a Nut!

Lucas and Shellie's basement flooded yesterday. I went over to baby sit Legz. I tried watching her in their house but all she wanted to do was go into the flooded basement. I locked all of us in her bedroom, but then I just started sweating to death. So, we went to Carl's Jr. for a shake and fries, then to the arcade. She loved running around and trying to play the games with my boys. Brenner kept getting irritated with her because she kept taking his balls when he was playing skeeball. She loved this spiderman ride. I tried to get her off of it and she would just kick her legs at me. This girl gives me a run for her money. She's as crazy as my boys ever thought of being. Good luck with her Lucas & Shellie!


Lucashell said...

That is so cute... I really need to get a list of places I can take her for fun. I am so oblivious and never notice these places. I am not sure what is going on but this last week has been a hard, she all the suddden found out that she thinks she can do anything. Plus, this week I discovered that she is faster than me.

Lucashell said...

I have to post I totally thought that was Joren Legacy was sitting by. I thought to myself wow Anisa Keeps a spiderman costume with her for him so that when he wants to be spidey she has it on hand..