Thursday, August 7, 2008

Dinner Tonight

Brenner, Joren and I went to see if the farmer's market was open yet. It was... but they didn't have a lot of vegetables yet. They had zucchini, summer squash, green beans and corn. So, we decided to get most of everything for dinner tonight. If I could have the perfect meal, it would be all of my favorite vegetable dishes that granny used to make... all in one meal. And at the end of summer in Kanarraville, we usually did have all of these dishes in one meal.
Corn on the cob. (We got some for dinner)
Summer squash sauted in a lot of butter with onions. (I got some for dinner, although I will probably be the only one eating it.)

Tomatoes- either on a BLT or peeled and sliced and served with mayo, salt and pepper.
Cucumbers- either peeled and sliced into wedges dipped in homemade ranch dressing or peeled and sliced in a dish with sliced onions and salt (the later is totally what I would prefer)
Green Beans- Either the soup with bacon. Or the soup with ham, onion, and red potatoes (I am making this for dinner)
Kohlrabi- I like it raw, peeled and sliced with salt. But I do remember Granny making it cooked in a cream sauce for Papa (also good).

Last but not least, is the delicious peas with new potatoes in a cream sauce.
I wish I could have all of these in one meal, but we'll settle for the few yummy veggies that we are having tonight!
Leave a comment and tell me which dish of Granny's is your favorite or add to what I forgot. (And those of you who live close enough to eat Uncle Michael's and Aunt Rosalie's yummy garden, don't make me jealous)


Jessie said...

One of my favorites was her potato salad of course, however, I loved picking and eating raw peas. Heck I loved everything that Granny cooked for us!

Logan and Sydney said...

The peas and new potatoe soup is by far the best. - Logan

Liberty Williams said...

I have to agree with the potato salad...but Lucas can make it pretty dang close! I loved Granny's brownies - I need to keep working on them - perfect them! I to also loved her tomatoes, and of course cucumbers!!!

Ron and Debbie said...

String beans, and bacon with vinegar. Mom
Me, I just like them all. Dad

The York's said...

Well lets see i like them all and so far this summer all i havent had yet is tomatoes (don't like em) and Kholaraba or however you spell it. Mom and dad did't grow any this year