Saturday, April 17, 2010

Vacuum Challenge

It's fun having clean freak Shellie staying with us... if she gets bored, watch out!!!

She was making fun of us for having a vacuum with a bag in it! She said it's super old... I think we may have bought it when we bought our last house about 9 years ago! Just because she's a freak and buys a new vacuum every couple of years!!! So, Ryan and Shellie decided to compare our old Hoover to her Shark.

Ryan vacuumed Brenner's and Joren's room with our vacuum.
Then Shellie vacuumed over the room with her Shark.
If you look in the garbage you will see all of the lint and dead skin cells that our vacuum did not pick up! So, basically our vacuum seems to get the stuff on the surface that you can see, but Shellie's shark digs down deep and gets the gunk.... to think of 2 years worth of dead skin cells:)
So, maybe some day I'll get a new vacuum. But for now, I'll just have Shellie vacuum my whole house with her vacuum, then I can wait two more years for all the dead skin to accumulate and then I'll buy a new vacuum... and for the record, I'm sure my vacuum was cheap in the first place.

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