Friday, January 4, 2008

Revenge?.... no, forgiveness!

So, when Logan and Sydney got married, we decorated their car. Wait, let's go back in time a little. When Ryan and I got married, Logan turned our license plates upside down. We didn't know that and we got pulled over on our honeymoon. Back to the story... we decorated their car. We put balloons inside and sprayed silly string all over them (I think that was Brenner's idea, or Ryan's, but I wasn't even there when they bought it.) So, how nice of Logan and Sydney to give Joren silly string for his birthday. This picture does not do it justice.
Brenner sprayed the whole can of silly string ALL OVER my kitchen.
Consequently, Joren does NOT like silly string. It freaked him out. So, I was thinking that they were really just trying to get back at us for the silly sting in their car and I was working on a little plan of revenge for them. However, when my mom brought up Joren's b-day present, she also brought up a present for me for my birthday. I know my birthday is a ways away, but I couldn't sit there and look at the wrapped box (especially when Logan sorta already told me what was inside, much to Sydney getting mad at him.) So, I opened my gift and it is just perfect. I absolutely love it. I love these two crazy little boys! So, thank you so much Logan and Sydney. It is the perfect gift! And you are forgiven for the silly string. Now I'll have to think of some way to repay you for Ryan putting silly string all over the inside of your car.

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Sydney & Logan said...

You're Welcome and by the way you can still think of something to get us back with cuz we plan on buying Brenner and can of silly string for his birthday as well. It's what we've been getting all our neices and nephews for their birthday this year. - Logan