Wednesday, January 2, 2008

My Girl Cousins

(I'm feeling a little bad for my poor mom who checks the blog several times a day and there is nothing new there, so I'm trying to think of some things that I can post. I hope you enjoy some pics of us as youth.)

I don't have a sister, so my girl cousins are a close as it gets. I'm really glad that our family is so close. I'm glad that we got to spend so much time in Kanarraville together as a family. Although I'm tons older than all of you, and most of the time my job was to baby sit, it was still fun to have my little cousins around. I was especially excited when Libby was born on my half birthday! My first girl cousin and on my half birthday!!! How exciting is that.
And it was so fun to have Jessie come along because I was in Jr. High and was old enough to really appreciate her.

And it was always so fun to put make up on Summer and Libby and do their hair. Summer had such beautiful hair.
(So, there you go. Some really fun old pics.)


joshandmel said...

I just had to say that picture of Summer looks EXACTLY like Tanner with beautiful long hair!!! Sorry Summer or Tanner which ever one of you takes offense.


Ron & Debbie said...

I agree, the picture of Summer looks like Tanner but since I think both are beautiful, it's okay.

Mel, you learn how to comment!!!

Me & My BOYS said...

Sorry to tell you this, Summer, but it's the cheeks. I think we all have them. We were commenting on it the other day. Joren has the cute cheeks and I asked Ryan where he got them from. He just kind of laughed. I took that to mean that he got them from me.

Liberty Williams said...

Aren't those cute pic's! I just realized that there were only us four girls...I'm glad we are so close - i think of you all more as sisters than cousins!!!

- said...

K so I thought the exact same thing as soon as I saw the picture that is crazy. And obviously I'm not the only one. Tanner you sure are good lookin!!!! That's all I have to say!

Jessica Williams said...

I love the pictures. Libby and I were putting a bunch of old pictures into albums for my mom and got a good laugh out of looking at them. It's great to remember all the memories.