Friday, January 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Anisa!

I just thought I would say Happy Birthday to my sister, and share with you all one of my favorite memories of her. When I was little I got some of those snap things that you get around the 4th of July (Those things you through at the ground and they pop). Anyway I put them under the little stubs on the bottom side of the toliet seat. Well Anisa was the one who sat on them and I heard the pop and a Sream, "Loooogaaan!" from the bathroom. I made my month, Thanks Anisa. We love you Happy Birthday. -Logan


Lucashell said...

Happy Birthday-Hope you will post what you did today!

Me & My BOYS said...

Ah yes, I remember that! Thanks. And thanks for the phone call and thanks for the gift! I love it.