Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Aunt Debbie, Where have you been?

Just wondering where you have been? Hope you had an enjoyable time, and yes we have all missed your comments! Glad to see that you are back!!!

I hope that you will continue reading the Twilight books...they are really good. Just be patient, and pretty soon you'll be swooning over Edward just like the rest of us!

Oh yeah, Anisa is pregnant!!!



noiseless sumo said...

I read the first chapter and I was already annoyd however you spell that word oh and libby better not correct my spelling

Ron & Debbie said...

I've been in SLC for two weeks, spoiling my darling grandkids!!!!

Tanner, finally posted on his web site.

By the way, everyone, give Libby a break, she is a doll! Interesting people like she is, makes the world a better place.

By Deb

Lucashell said...

She didn't stay in salt lake long enough
Shell & Lucas

Liberty Williams said...

Tanner, I don't correct peoples case you haven't noticed I usually get told when i miss spell a word!!! Aunt Debbie, Thank you!

Jessica Williams said...

Did you get permission from Anisa to say that?

Liberty Williams said...

Um no??? It was later after I posted it that I thought...maybe I shouldn't have done that? Sorry Anisa! But I figured everyone already knew???

Lucashell said...

goodness ladies-cailm down