Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Resolution Blog

Hey Everyone, Shellie and I have been talking via email about putting together a blog to help with all our New Year Resolutions. What does everyone think of that? Would you all participate??? I know for sure that I would, and of course Shellie will too! Now listen kids, this blog is to help and support one another so there will be no negative talk on the blog...if you have something negative to say - KEEP IT TO YOURSELF!!! As I'm sure all of you will...we are family, we are suppose to support and love one another, build each other up, not bring others down - that is SO not cool!!! Well, I hope everyone is excited for this new blog...so stay tuned - it will be up soon!!!



Sydney & Logan said...

Why don't you just add this kind of thing to the bottom of this blog. I think we are getting to blog happy - Logan

Liberty Williams said...

We like doing BLOGS!!! If you have anything negative - keep it to yourself...you have a rafting blog?!?!

Sydney & Logan said...

I will admit that Logan is being a little hypocritical, but I already gave him a hard time about the rafting blog, give the man a break! I do have to agree with him though, we are a little blog happy.

Me & My BOYS said...

I'm not being negative, but there is tons of space on the bottom of the right side of the blog. Let's do it there!!!

Ron & Debbie said...

You can't post on your resolution blog until you give us all the user name and password, I think?