Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Remembered

Remember a few years back when we celebrated Thanksgiving in Kanarraville?  Well, since I have moved I have been cleaning out and throwing away stuff.  Upon my throwing away of stuff I came across some cards with things that we all were grateful for (a few years back).

Uncle Michael:  Grateful for Health, and being retired.
Aunt Rosalie:  Grateful for Bubba (may he rest in peace), and a job.
Klint:  I'm thankful for my Zeiss binoculars, spending time in the woods with loved ones, and boobinunch????
Summer:  I am thankful for vehicles, binkies, soap, for family, church and the love it shows!  For having a companion that loves me unconditionally and for a wonderful extended family.
Thayne:  I am grateful for my Country, my religion, and a loving Heavenly Father and his Plan for Happiness, and Family!  I am also grateful for a Mother who keeps you in check like when she broke the broom over my butt at Granny's.
Jenny:  I'm grateful for good health, and cold milk and cereal.
Uncle Chesley:  Thankful for David Ence and TV.
Uncle Ron:  I'm grateful for river trips with my family each summer, and for a wife who makes my home crafty and beautiful.
Aunt Debbie:  I'm thankful for toilet paper, and for my ancestors and what they had to sacrifice to join the church.
Josh:  I'm thankful for brunettes from Sacramento, rivers, fish, and spending "one on one" time with Papa growing up.
Melanie:  I'm so grateful for the opportunity to be a mother, my children are my heart.  Also, for Colorado River Guides with very little hair and huge hearts!!!
Tisha:  I'm grateful for my cellphone, music, family, friends, and my boyfriend Taylor.
Corbin:  Thankful for the holidays, and the hospital.
Tanner:  I'm thankful for Will Ferrell, and shelter.
Ryan:  I am grateful for living in a free country, to do as we please.
Anisa:  I am thankful I don't have to work and can stay home with my kids, and for child proof locks.
Lucas:  I am thankful for my new sweet ride, and for my family.
Shellie:  I am thankful for Cash not stealing my clothes anymore, and for being so blessed and have everything I want.
Logan:  I'm grateful for Libby's bad hair at Flint's baptism, and for the seasons because variety is the spice of life.
Sydney:  (Possibly Logan wrote this first part) I'm grateful for Man vs. Wild, because if I ever find my self lost in the African Savanna (and I might) I know I can drink the juice from elephant poop and stay alive.  AND, if I had one I'd be grateful for a washing machine.
Uncle Heff:  I'm grateful for Family and guns.
Aunt Ellen:  I am thankful to be living in this day and age, and bathrooms.
Roberta:  Grateful for the gospel, and to live in the good o'l USA.
Libby:  I'm thankful for many wonderful summers sitting in the swings drinking homemade root-beer and hanging with a wonderful family.  Also thankful for all the travels I've able to do - Hawaii baby here I come.
Cash:  I'm thankful for the air that we breath, and for working.
Jessica:  I'm grateful for Libby's pecan pie, Dr. Pepper, Jane Austen novels, and LOTR (Lord of the Rings).  Also grateful that I am able to go to college and continue my education.
Flint:  I'm grateful to live in a home and for having such a crazy sister (it's great).

I know times have changed, life isn't going the way we want it to, but I hope that we can take some time this Thanksgiving holiday to remember how truly blessed we are.