Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Papa & Granny's Great Grandkids - SO CUTE!

Mr. Trace - eating frozen custard!!!
 Baby Peyton laughing at her big brother!
 Bryce trying not to smile for the camera!
 Zoey - actually smiling for the camera!
 Baby Eliza, happy as can be!
 Big boy West, almost cracking a smile!
 Miss Legacy striking a pose!

All these cute as can be Great Grandkids are so stinking darling...and Jessie and I were lucky to play with them for a short time!!!  


Anisa said...

Looks like you guys had fun on your trip!

Eliza is adorable... I've never seen her. All super cute babies!

Anisa said...

PS... if you aren't on Facebook, Tisha had her baby. Her name is Kenzley Luree. She was 3 lbs. Tisha is home from the hospital and doing well. Baby will be in the hospital for a few month.

The York's said...

I thought for sure you would do the alien picture of Trace! I haven't even seen Eliza yet and you have, so not far!

Anisa, i saw on facebook she had here. Did she go into labor early? The nurses there are wonderful! hope she does ok!

Anisa said...

Summer, her water broke about 3 weeks ago. She has been on bedrest in the hospital trying to keep that baby in as long as possible.

Miss Jessie said...

It was so much fun seeing everyone! Definitely a plus on the road trip.

hapi said...

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