Monday, January 3, 2011

Pics of Legz

I am by no means a professional photographer... in fact, I'd really love to take a photography class. But, mom really wanted to have a new pic of Legacy, so I took her out for a photo shoot. (I took Joren out too, but I will post his pics later). What do you think? Are they even close to looking professional? Which one do you like best? I am in the process of trying some things on photoshop to make them look better, but that will take more time on the computer to figure things out! I may post some before and after pics once I figure things out!







PS... I also had fun making hair clips to match all of her outfits!


Berty Bell said...

Those turned out really cute - my favorite is #2!!!

Logan and Sydney said...

I like 2 as well:)

Lucashell said...

Yea My fav is #2 I love them all it is so goofy legs I can't wait to see her.. Love her