Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Very Bad, No Good, Horrible, Longest Week EVER!

(This post if for Libby)

It all started Saturday evening when I was getting a hair cut... that I hate.... reminding me that Brenner had to talk in church on Sunday. I stayed up late trying to find a talk for him but fell asleep with my laptop in my lap. Then I woke up early Sunday morning (6:30ish) and got his talk prepared... only to still have to send Ryan to church with the kids because I couldn't pull myself together to get ready for church on time. Then.... the primary got this grand idea to combine classes since the older kids (there are only 4 kids in the class) have a couple as teachers while the younger kids (there are 12 in the class) have only your's truly as their teacher... if we combine then we'll have more adults to help... no... we'll have 16 kids in one room instead of 12 and I'll still have to do all the work!!!

I got to spend all evening Sunday trying to fix (paint over) a banner that some 82 year old man messed up on for the Jubilee of trees... which I had spent about 4 days of all of my extra time on the previous week.

Monday I got to start doing remediation... which is basically where they throw 20 of the worst 8th graders into one room during their lunch period and try to get me to make them do work to pass a class that they failed 1st quarter... that is a whole blog post in itself.

That night we spent the whole evening trying to set up for the Jubilee of Trees. And I still get home late and try to clean the house.... etc. etc.

Tuesday... remediation again.

Tuesday evening we had family pictures... with a hair cut that I hate... and I didn't have time to get my eyebrows waxed... and the hat that I ordered which I based all of our colors off... didn't come in time for the pictures.

Wednesday... is that today? We found out that we may have to pay $20,000 in taxes for a business that we no longer own... (and my husband is unemployed and we are living with my parents). Oh and Joren spilled a huge pitcher of RED crystal lite all over the counter, floor, etc... while we were cleaning up that mess Brenner's soup boiled over on the stove.. I almost swore! then I went in the kids room later that night to discover Terek has colored on the floor with something... I guess I need to go buy some carpet cleaner....seriously, is it only Wednesday???

Let me just say that this is the chaos that we live in and I wouldn't trade it for the world!!! I actually love living with my parents... which I didn't think I would. I love my crazy little boys. Messes give us an excuse to clean things that needed to be cleaned any way! I love my job... aside from remediation (which I am meeting with the principal in the morning to brainstorm some solutions). I miss my kids during the day, but they have their dad and grandma. I've really enjoyed the little help that I have given Rosalie with the Jubilee of trees. This whole business stuff has really humbled us and we are grateful for that. I love living in St. George and I love my family here. I need to make an effort to see more of my family more often.

I love you, Libby... I know times get tough... and it can be hard. This life is a test and it's supposed to be crazy...



Miss Jessie said...

Anisa, I like that you have a great attitude. Libby is starting to remind me of what I was like when I was living at home.
Libby maybe you should move out of Cash's maybe you wouldn't be so miserable. I think you need to pull out "The Power of Positive Thinking" again.;)

Bodacious Berty said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah Jessie. Sticking my tongue out at you!

So, I want to say that Anisa you posting this will make Cash happy because he is always complaining that nobody ever posts on this blog. And, I'm glad I'm not alone in the "horrible week" department. :) Doesn't it feel good to just put it out there on blog world how bad your week is???? I will say, I think you have won this contest. However, next week is going to be better, it has to be better because it's Thanksgiving! AND, also I really liked what Shellie had said on my blog post about "being grateful for everything and seeing the positive in a negative situation" I obviously was only focused on the negative...but I can see that YOU still can find the good in the bad. A lot needs to be learned from that, by me! Thanks for posting. No more negative nancy from me! :) :) :) I am now Positive Patti!