Friday, June 25, 2010

We are Family, and We are FOREVER

There has been a lot going on in our (extended) family. There has been illness, job changes, movings, trials, disappointments, addictions, and pregnancy's/new additions. With that said, I hope that we can pray for each other, and support each other during these hard times. We need to have specific prayers going out for our family.

Right now our cousin Jeremy has recently been diagnosed with a brain tumor. He has started treatments with high hopes that he can pull through. (Aunt) Ellen will be having a knee surgery the first of July. Trace will also be having surgery on his kidneys in a few weeks. And, Aunt Debbie is continually trying to battle her cancer.

Some of us may not always get along, or like what other family members are doing, but we are eternal and stuck together. We all are doing separate things and living our own lives, but there is always a few moments everyday that we can stop and ask our Heavenly Father to take care of our Family. We are so blessed to have stayed so strong as a family, and I'm positive that Papa and Granny look down on us so pleased. Granny's wish was that we stuck together, and I feel we are doing pretty good at. Let us take some time to remember those family members in need at this time.


Anisa said...

I agree. I am always thinking back to my childhood and some of my best memories are in Kanarra with the cousins and Papa and Granny. Keep us all in your prayers.

Deanna said...

Higg this is a spy from New Harmony reporting in. I am glad that Libby told me about this site. With Aunt Carma gone, I know nothing about the happenings of Aunt Carma's family--or any of the other Davis' for that matter. Aunt Carma had a saying that I liked. She used it when comparing people's children to each other.

"Every crow thinks her baby is blacker"

Thanks for letting me in. Deanna