Friday, April 17, 2009

Libby and Shellie saw Celebrities!!

While Libby and Shellie were picking up their stuff for the Salt Lake Half-Marathon they got to meet some celebrities. For all of you The Biggest Loser fans that know who these guys are here is a picture to prove that Libby and Shellie met them.


Anisa said...

Wow, that was quick! Those guys look huge! You guys look tiny!

Liberty Williams said...

To bad they are married...I was kind of thinking that tall one was cute! Summer if you were with us you would have loved it - Since you are a fan! How neat to run into them - they were so nice.

The York's said...

Libby you were standing on the wrong side. Weren't you in love with the one shellie is standing next to? Have to say I'm a little jealous, are they running the marathon too?