Sunday, November 16, 2008


We got to baby sit Legacy on Friday night. She is such a cutie and we love having her around. We got out the last of the Halloween candy and dumped it all out on the counter so we could go through it. She immediately grabbed all of the smarties... I guess she likes smarties. It was so cute to watch her. She didn't grab any other kind of candy. A couple of other cute things she did. We were looking at an animal book and she would "tickle" the animals and say, "tickle." She's starting to talk a lot more and it's really cute. She was constantly trying to climb up on our counter (Shellie would have been mad). And she loves our Elmo chicken. As soon as she saw him, she said, "Elmo" very clearly. Thanks for letting us baby sit, you should do it more often.


Lucashell said...

I love that she loves you so much Anisa! She is learning new stuff everyday I betta watch what I say!

Liberty Williams said...

That's good she went for smarties...they aren't as fattening as chocolate. i loved smarties when I was kid - i remember eating them a lot at church. THat's what my mom would give us to keep us quiet!!!

Logan and Sydney said...

I remember pretending they were pills and "treating" my friends for their illnesses.