Thursday, September 18, 2008

What's the Latest?

I finally talked to my Mom on the phone; since it's been about two weeks, but she said that Aunt Debbie is doing really GOOD!  She said that Dad took her to one of her treatments and that the Dr. said she is doing really well.  What's the latest?  Aunt Debbie, I am thinking of you constantly and you are in my prayers twice a day!  Also, every time I go to the Temple I have been putting your name on the prayer roll.  You are going to beat this!  I just know it!  However, do let us know what the latest is, at least for us who are far away at the moment???  Love you Aunt Debbie!  

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Anisa said...

Mom is doing really good but the chemo makes her really tired and sick for most of the three weeks. She is only allowed visitors at certain times because her immune system is so low. She has chemo scheduled until November then they will do another PET scan to see if they have gotten rid of the cancer. She's a trooper and is hanging in there really well.