Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Debbie/Mom had an MRI last week and the doctor called and said she had a growth on her back. The doctor is setting up an appointment so they can verify what it is. I am posting this to tell her how much we all love her and we need to show our support. She has supported everyone in this family through all are hard times and we need to do the same thing for her. Debbie/Mom we love you and you are our "ANGEL"!!!
Lucas & Shell


Ron & Debbie said...

Thank you Shellie!!
I go into the hospital in the morning at 10AM for the biopsy.
Please pray for me!!1

Anisa said...

Yes, everyone, keep Mom in your prayers! Brenner and Joren have been praying for her and so have we.

Thanks for posting this Shellie and Lucas. I was going to get to it at some point in time!

rubberbandgrl said...

We're praying over here, too! (Anisa's friend)

Thayne&Jenny said...

We love you and are thinking of you Aunt Debb!!! Of course you will be in our prayers!!!