Sunday, May 18, 2008

Ron Blake Turns 60

Dad turned 60 this past week. We wanted to honor him and tell him 60 things that we love about our dad. Each of us contributed 15 (try to guess which ones are which). Some of them may be a little of a repeat. Sorry it's late.... you can blame Lucas.

1. Can make anything
2. You have your own little Ron Home Depot... everything on hand.
3. You can talk to any body
4. 3 Words... Old Man Power
5. Jolly Ranchers, Butterscotch & Kippered Snacks... 3 basic food groups
6. The old blue chevy
7. The smell of fresh cut Cedar.
8. Sleeping bags everywhere you might need one.
9. Dad always seems to be "in the know"
10. He’s always there when you need him.
11. The crazy things he eats... like pepper jelly and oatmeal and his blended bottled fruit concoctions.
12. Ron Blake punch
13. Milk on your cake... ice cream in your oatmeal.
14. Kept Lucas at bay when I was a little boy.
15. Dad will do anything for his kids.
16. You taught us how to work hard.
17. You are always busy... you can’t even watch TV without cracking nuts or sharpening knives.
18. I love all of your obsessions... knives, dutch ovens, socks, sleeping bags, etc.
19. The sour dough phase.
20. Your dutch oven cooking.
21. You like to buy in bulk.
22. You don’t like to let anything go to waste.
23. You think of your kids first... you would do anything for us.
24. You never missed any of our ball games or dance recitals as kids.
25. You taught us to love the outdoors.
26. You are a great grandpa... with grand kids who love you very much.
27. You play with your grandkids.
28. You like to save leftovers from your work... paper, then vitamins, now styrofoam dishes.
29. You love to work outside in the yard.
30. You love meat.
31. His love of the outdoors.
32. His self-motivation
33. How smart he is.
34. How courageous he is.
35. How helpful he is.
36. How humble he is.
37. How honorable he is.
38. How forgiving he is.
39. How proud of his children he is.
40. His dutch oven cooking.
41. His river passion.
42. His vegetable garden.
43. How he taught me to figure things out.
44. How he is always there.
45. How he is an awesome grandpa and wonderful dad.
46. Taught us about the great outdoors
47. Taught me how to Hunt
48. Taught me how to fish
49. Great at Dutch Oven cooking
50. Taught me how to work on cars
51. Taught me how to weld
52. Supported me in High School Sports
53. Went to scouting events with me
54. Taught me how to work
55. Good Grandpa to Legacy
56. Good Father-in law to Shellie
57. He worked really hard so we could have the things we needed growing up
58. Helped me with College
59. Like how he continues to help me even though I am married and have my own family
60. I am glad he married mom cause she is a great mom


Ron & Debbie said...

61. A great husband, too.

Aren't my kids just awesome!!!


Jessie said...

He must make really good dutch oven since it was mentioned like 3 times. You guys are sweet to do that!