Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Libby in the Making!

Brenner has always loved to take pictures, but the other day, he got ahold of the camera and took tons of self portraits!!! It just reminded me of Libby... maybe she's wearing off on him a little.


Liberty Williams said...

Do i really take a lot of self potraits? That is the cutest picture ever! Brenner can be like me - he is so stinking cute! So polite and loveable!!! It's just to bad that when I see him it's not until we leave that he starts talking to me and playing with me.

Logan and Sydney said...

You really do take a lot of personal portraits. I'm not saying it's a bad thing but you do. Remember you took like 30 trying to get a good one of you and Summer?

Jessie said...

I totally agree with Sydney, heck when we were taking pictures of Libby and myself last summer at the Anchorage temple, Libby and I couldn't agree on any and we ended up taking like 100 pictures before we both finally agreed on one.