Sunday, January 6, 2008


Me, Lucas, and Debbie decided to play scrabble today. I absolutley love this game, (I don't like playing with Logan cause he cheats alot). Well now their are two other people to join his club. We were so close to being done I only had one letter and "I WIN". Well Lucas had 2 letters left and I thought he would not win, there was no where to go. He did however swoop in and made Gum and Ma (with debbies help, she cheats and helps everyone). I think "MA" is not a word!!!!! Debbie says anyone who beats me I call a cheater. Our scores where as follows:
Lucas 142, Shellie 136, Debbie 107
I would have won.


Sydney & Logan said...

Well just so you know, Sydney and I played with my old roommate and his wife the other day. I got schooled. He has the game on his phone and plays it all the time. He did use weird stuff like ED and AD and ID to get points for double, even triple words. Also, did you know the QI is even a word? - Logan

The York's said...

summer and i challenge ya!