Thursday, January 24, 2008

Brave Little Logan!

So Please Humor us all and tell us the story where you called a man who worked at DLI "BIGGINS" to his face. Where you not scared that he might kick your trash? Please tell us all how you came up with the name and how in the world you able to say it to his face. I am very curious.. As we all are I am sure.. Shellie


Sydney & Logan said...

First, who told you this story? Second, I didn’t come up with the name. Third, it was easy to call him that when everybody did. They called him biggins because he was this huge flabby guy there wasn’t any reason to be scared of him, I could run a lot faster. Also, I worked with a guy at AGEC who grew up with him and they had a lot worse nicknames than biggins form him. - Logan

Lucashell said...

We were having dinner with your dad and he was telling me the story-I was laughing cause Lucas was telling me how all the "Craziess and DLI" had nicknames. Your dad thought you came up with Biggins. I wanted to know what was behind it all.