Friday, December 7, 2007

Uncle Michael & Aunt Rosalie's Place

Their house lights up the neighborhood! Thayne, you did a wonderful job putting these up and making their home look so beautiful this Christmas Season!!! I think Uncle Michael said they needed more lights??? Can you get on that?


Me & My BOYS said...

Love the lights!!! We had a lot of fun decorating our house to.

Now, not to be critical of whoever posted this... and not to offend any one. My brothers get this wrong all the time. This really isn't that hard...

They're means they are.
There is a place... like over there.
Their is showing possession... like their house.

- said...

Thanks Anisa...i'm surprised it wasn't your mom making that correction. I just get in a hurry and I don't really go back and spell/grammer check things sometimes.

Ron & Debbie said...

Hey, why am I getting so many digs on these comments but thanks Anisa, I wanted to correct someone but didn't dare. Also, talked to Michael Sat. Morn and he was trying to get Thayne to put up MORE!

PS He's lucky that he has someone to help him>

Liberty Williams said...

Aunt Debbie, We love you!!! I get teased just as much as you i feel your pain!