Saturday, December 29, 2007

Libby's Christmas!

I arrived in St. George Christmas Eve and had to stop at Lin's for salad supplies and while in there I was stopped by a certain neighbor to the Blakes...Chris Kirkham. A certain Aunt Debbie had given him my number some time ago and for the past several months I have gotten random text messages from him, so you can imagine his delight to see me on Christmas Eve. After visiting awkwardly with Chris I headed out to Ivins to help with our Christmas Eve dinner of Elk steak, baked potatoes, and my ever colorful humungo salad! After dinner we were sweetened up with my oh so yummy pecan pies and REAL whip cream! As our little family tradition has been each year we meet up with the Griffens (practically family) and walked up to the Star of Ivins. We were also lucky to have stay with us this year our cousin (from Ellen's side) Ethan and his wife Libby they came and spent the Christmas Holiday with us - what a treat!!! I must have been a good girl this year because Santa gave me all that I wanted...and let me just say that you know you are getting old when you ask for house supplies?!?! I got with much delight, a Kitchen aid FABULOUS salad spinner, several Kitchen aid kitchen utensils, some knives, etc. Flint so sweetly gave me a chocolate fountain...just want everyone to know I didn't ask for that, but I think it will be fun to use at parties. I got an Ale-8 T-shirt, some pink bunny rabbit pajamas...again, didn't ask for those. I got a bunch of DVDs which is rather odd for me as well, gift certificates, and last but not least - Season 3 of The Office!!! Christmas was a huge success and surrounded by family - I'll be sentimental...surrounded by family made it complete!

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Ron & Debbie said...

Libby, you write such interesting posts. Maybe you should start writing novels!