Wednesday, December 26, 2007


I am sure everyone is wanting to know what everone did for christmas.
Can Everyone post what they did and got!
Here is what we did:
We waited for Grandpa and Grandma Blake to come over after they watched Brenner and Joren open their presents. Legacy got fisher price sing along mirror, bouncy zebra ride on toy, A walker toy, tool bench toy, move & crawl ball, clothes from her grandma's, and a flower toy from Corban(which we wanted to get her, but no longer could find it up here). Shell got some dvds & CDs, a book with 5 novels written by Jane Austen, itunes gift card from Anisa & Ry and cash from Mom and Dad. Lucas got some vxp tools, dvds, scene it tv edition from Anisa & Ry, and sportsman's gift card from Mom and Dad. After opening all the presents we watched some dvds while Grandma and Grandpa played with Legs. Then at 4 the Scholes came over and we had christmas dinner. My first Turkey not to bad. It is the day after and all the decorations are down and we are waiting for new years.

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Lucas, what a great idea. Glad you all had a great Christmas!!!