Monday, October 15, 2007

Thanksgiving Dinner - YUM, YUM!

Okay everyone, Summer and I are almost done with the food list and invitations for Thanksgiving. We are super excited about it and hope that everyone else is too. It's gonig to be a good time! We are planning on having some games and visiting time, SO BE PREPARED to hang out after we are done eating. None of this eat and run stuff! Also, Aunt Debbie I am so glad that you are going to come - Thank you! Logan, I want you to know that everyone has at least two things to bring to the dinner. And last but not least, Anisa don't judge us on the invitations...we all know that you would have been great at putting this all together, but know that we did our best. :)

This is from Libby - lot's of love!


Williams Descendants said...

Libby, I am SOOO sorry about Logan getting upset! It's embarrassing! We are on top of it though, or at least I am.


Liberty Williams said...

Sydney - You are totally fine! The women always know what they are doing...why do you think we called you and not Logan. I was just trying to give Logan a hard time. By the way - you need to set up a blog for you and Logan!!!


Some one or the other said...

I would set up a blog for me and Logan, but we aren't very interesting people. I dont know what we would put on it...