Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Thanksgiving Dinner List

Michael & Rosalie: Turkey, stuffing, and homemade rolls.
Klint & Summer: Klint's baked beans, banana cream pie, and green beans.
Thayne & Jenny: Plates, napkins, and a carrot dish.
Libby: 2 Pecan pies, real whip cream, corn dish, Granny's jello dish.
Cash: Fried Turkey - he wants one there???
Jeff & Ellen: Ellen's fruit salad, ham, and funeral potatoes.
Ron & Debbie: 7 layer salad (Cash wants it...), beets, and Pumpkin roll - I want it.
Josh & Melanie: Pumpkin Pie, and veggie tray.
Ryan & Anisa: Granny's homemade noodles, mashed potatoes and gravy.
Lucas & Shellie: Cups, Ice, and drinks.
Logan & Sydney: Plastic ware, and Granny's Blueberry dream pie.
Jeremy, Chesley, and Aaron & Kim - themselves!!!

Hope this works for everyone. Summer and I really appreciate every one's willingness to put this all together. Remember also that we aren't just going to eat and run! We are going to stick around and play some games. Also, Anisa, can you bring the scrapbook you made for Granny and Papa...pretty please. Thanks everyone!!! Looking so forward to Thanksgiving!!!!

Lot's of LOVE: Libby

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